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Sanden Vikas (India)

Sanden VikasSanden Vikas (India) Limited, is a highly regarded automotive air-conditioning manufacturer. A Joint Venture between the Vikas Group and Sanden Corporation of Japan, it is recognized for its cutting-edge technology and consistently innovative air-conditioning solutions developed at its high-quality R&D center.

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Sanden Vikas Precision Parts

Sanden Vikas Precision Parts Vikas Group, in partnership with Sanden Corporation (Japan), has established a HPDC company viz. Sanden Vikas Precision Parts Private Limited at the Japanese Zone in Neemrana (Rajasthan). The company manufactures compressor parts and other high performance parts for use in automotive transmission and emission systems.

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Vikas Altech

Vikas AltechThe plant set up for manufacturing Micro-tubes for various heat-exchanger applications is the first of its kind in India. This is not only a major step towards localization but would allow a greater level of design flexibility for the heat-exchanger business in the group.

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Ecocat India

Ecocat IndiaEcocat India is a globally renowned and amongst the foremost developers and manufacturers of exhaust emission control catalysts and systems for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, off-road equipment and stationary engines.

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SATA Vikas India

SATA Vikas IndiaSata Vikas was founded in 2007 as a Joint Venture between Sata Group & Vikas Group. It was set up with the vision to capture the emerging Asian markets by manufacturing components for the automotive industry. It has engineering capabilities in the areas of machining and assembly of products

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RPS Vikas Castings

RPS Vikas CastingsRPS Vikas is a state-of-the-art SG iron and SIMO Foundry. With a capacity of 12000 tonnes, RPS Vikas is dedicated to adding superior value to the automotive industry. Ever since inception in 2006, the quality and precision of its products has made RPS a leader in engine and transmission parts such as Exhaust Manifolds, Case Differentials, Catalytic Cones and Gear Carriers.

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Garima Vikas Metals

Garima Vikas MetalsGarima Vikas Metals Pvt. Ltd, formerly Garima Overseas Limited, was acquired by Vikas Group in October 2012. The technologically advanced casting manufacturing unit located in Neemrana, Rajasthan ,caters to the requirements of leading names in the Automotive & Appliance industry.

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Kenmore Vikas

Kenmore VikasKenmore Vikas (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the Vikas Group of Companies. Kenmore is one of the front-ranking manufacturers of Receiver Driers for automotive air conditioning applications. The Receiver Driers of KVIL have been the preferred choice of national & international car and car AC manufacturers such as Hyundai, GM, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti, Behr & Sanden Vikas.

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Autovikas Sales & Service

Autovikas Sales & ServiceAutovikas is an authorized franchisee (dealer) of Tata Motors India (the erstwhile General Motors India), which is one of the leading manufacturers of passenger vehicles in India.

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